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Sherman Sheppard set out in 1977 to provide for his family while having enough time to enjoy the wildlife. He based his entire operation on three principles: quality products, customer satisfaction, and environmentally conscious operations. With sustainable products and a focus on relational customer service, Surry Chemicals thrived in all areas except one: their online presence.

Beginning with onsite visits and facility tours, I helped them uncover their great story. The goal in our work together was to create a new brand and digital presence that was true to their core. 


Branding, website, art direction, marketing, photography



I led Surry Chemicals through a brand overhaul that included new strategy for visual identity, web, social, conferences, and a B2B strategy. While they had previously invested in an updated visual identity five years prior, I helped them return to their successful heritage look and feel that they're known by with a few modern updates. The brand is now built on highlighting environmentally-friendly processes and solutions.


With a new visual identity, tone of voice, and new website, their new brand immediately helped them win new accounts.

The biggest challenge in the project was creating a system to showcase all 500+ products that Surry Chemicals offer. 

The sales team needed to showcase offerings on the road, so I created a journey map and system to easily navigate through product offerings. 

For the first time in company history, their products are all listed online and in a digital format.

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