Client Spotlight: Walnut Grove Rebrand

Walnut Grove Rebrand

What they do:

Walnut Grove Christian School was founded in 2001 in Fort Mill, SC, on the principle of a small Christian learning environment. They are a K-12 grade school with Honors and College Prep classes offered for High School students. 

If you're looking for Christian education for your child in the Charlotte area, give Walnut Grove a look. Their students score 1.5x higher grade levels than the national average in standardized test scores and their teachers are truly inspiring. With 75% of their students participating in WGCS athletics, they've won 5 state championships from the seven sports they offer for girls and boys.

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Why I wanted to work with them: 

When they first engaged me in the summer of 2018, Walnut Grove was experiencing a 24% increase in their student body enrollment. God was in the middle of doing incredible things using Walnut Grove, and I love getting to be a part of Kingdom work! Walnut Grove has created an affordable Christian environment for students to reach their full potential. This was an opportunity I could not pass up. 

What we accomplished together:

We loved the current mascot idea of "Warriors" but it was time for a new look. We got to work on a new logo that helped tell the story of the new four pillars of the school, with a new tag line and vision statement to communicate their story clearly.

When rebranding with a mid to large size organizations, I like to create a team ( and often call them fun names like, 'Delta Force') made up of several layers that represent the organization. For WGCS, I worked with the Headmaster and Director of Marketing to put together a team made up of members from several departments including administration, teachers and admissions. Together, we were able to write a new story for Walnut Grove.

After the final product was delivered, we worked together to launch their new brand. The launch included the onboarding of staff, mailers and brand-reveal video for their community, and lots of goodies to showcase their new look from letterheads to email signatures. In a few short months, Walnut Grove Christian School launched their new brand, message, website and social media strategy.

I loved where this brand landed. The school has redefined the word "strive" within their community with a simple tag line to inspire the next generation of leaders to "strive for more". The shield is iconic and relatable to their wide audience and represents their unique DNA. I applaud and celebrate Walnut Grove for putting in the hard work to make their new story come alive in a clear and memorable way!

What they said: 

"I had the absolute pleasure to work with Kevin Ache on our school's rebranding. The part that I loved the most was the fact that he was able to dive deeply into who we were and then pull out who we are. He encouraged our staff and me to examine within ourselves to identify and define what really matters in our school. Also, he had a very well thought out and clear approach to getting to the finished product. Together, we were able to "Strive For More". Thanks for all that you did for us!"

- Kyle Boyd, Headmaster

"Kevin was able to help us articulate our thoughts and vision for our brand! The end product was a great new logo and an amazing new vision statement, not to mention and great relationship with an amazing guy! Kevin does a great job working with teams to create an open forum to share ideas and input on the project we are working on. He is very encouraging and a great leader."

- Laura Summer, Director of Finance and Marketing

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