Client Spotlight: Cool Solutions Group

What they do:

Cool Solutions Group helps churches with the planning, development, and management of their facilities.

Their team has assisted hundreds of churches, Christian schools and ministries to plan, develop, build, and manage their facilities. Each year, $4-6 Billion is collectively budgeted from these organizations annually on facilities. Cool Solutions Group sees these dollars as monies that God has entrusted to His people and wants to equip these organizations to be intentional with the way they steward these funds.

If your organization is looking to be the best stewards of your budget and facility, Cool Solutions has developed a process to help you do it. They've helped organizations all over the country manage their building projects and facilities, from Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC to Fort Bend Christian Academy in Sugar Land, TX. Their tagline is, "We focus on your facility, so you can focus on your mission." You can learn more at

Why I wanted to work with them: 

Over the past 3.5 years with SouthPark Church, I have had the privilege of directly working with their Chief Solutions Officer, Tim Cool, on our new 68,000 square foot multi-story campus. The new building is in the middle of a mixed-use development including retail, restaurants, hotel, and residences. It's a large, intricate, first of its kind project that's projected to be finished in 2020, and Tim has been the Project Manager since the beginning. Within this project and many others, I've watched him bring the vision of others to life and impact the global Church more than anyone else I've ever met. Tim puts major emphasis on intentionality, and I believe that is the biggest reason he has helped so many organizations have successful projects and become God-honoring stewards.

Tim approached me when he needed a 'Hall of Masters' display. The display would be hung in a lobby of another organization, along with a few other displays of other organizations. Tim not only wanted his display to help his brand stand out, but wanted to tell the story of Cool Solutions Group. With the small surface area I'd have to work with, this was a challenge I wanted to take on.

And anytime an organization is doing incredible things for the Kingdom, I want to be part of it.

The Final Result:

I loved using two colors to make one sentence tell two stories.

The large 3' x 6' display drives all the attention immediately to four small words that are foundational to Cool Solutions Group, and like their tagline, make the story about the customer. Making it about the customer is crucial in all stories. Whether it is a large re-brand or an individual campaign like this one, it must simply clarify the role your business plays in your customers' stories.

They can only understand your story when it has a clear message. In this design, the blue gives the customer a clear message while the gray tells them how it works.

This isn't a picture of the organization's CEO because the hero of Cool Solutions is not Tim.

The heroes are pastors, like the one shown. They're nonprofit leaders with bold visions. They're world changers who have big missions with limited budgets.

The heroes in the story of Cool Solutions Group are clients who can focus on the mission because Cool Solutions Group is taking care of their facility.

I love that I got a chance to help tell that empowering story with this project.

What they said: 

"I have had the opportunity to work with Kevin Ache on several creative projects that have far exceeded my expectations. One in particular that stands out was a large display wall that needed to tell our story. The images, messaging and storytelling was spot on and his ability to use words and images to capture our story was stellar. You won’t go wrong!" - Tim Cool, Chief Solutions Officer

Are you looking for a refreshed vision for your organization? You have a lot to tell your customers. I’ll help you boil it down to a straight forward, easy to understand statement they’ll remember. Let's get to work! Contact me here.

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