Catalyst 2017 Recap

Last week I spent two days in Atlanta attending Catalyst Conference. Catalyst is a leadership conference focused on a new generation of church leaders. This was my third time attending this event,

but my first time attending in Atlanta (as I used to attend in So Cal). I was encouraged, renewed and inspired by 11 speakers who encouraged church and community leaders to be courageous. It was "awesome" (Australian accent) to worship with thousands of other Christian leaders and learn from some of the best leaders in the game right now. Oh, and I got to meet Andy Stanley, too.

Here are my top 15 takeaways from Catalyst Atlanta 2017.

  1. Andy Stanley

  • “I would rather fail in the center of God’s will then to look back and wonder what God might have done if only I’d trusted and obeyed.”

  1. Andy Stanley

  • “Entitlement always begins to escalate.”

  1. Andy Stanley

  • “Great leaders don’t make all the decisions. Great leaders make sure all the decisions are great.”

  1. Andy Stanley

  • “Many leaders are talented at camouflaging their personal agenda with the language of vision and mission.”

  1. Brené Brown

  • “People are hard to hate close up. We need to move in.”

  1. Brené Brown

  • “There is a false dichotomy of ‘you’re either for us or against us’.”

  1. Robert Madu

  • “In the water, the Word came over Jesus but in the wilderness, it came out of Jesus.”

  1. Jeremy Courtney

  • “We have to move toward our enemies. Is it far? Is it safe? Will you lose your life? Hopefully you already have.”

  1. Bob Goff

  • “I don’t want people to meet my opinions, I want them to meet Jesus… Synch it up.”

  1. Christine Caine

  • “You cannot ride on momentum and pretend it’s courage.”

  1. Christine Caine

  • “If your gift takes you to a place where your character cannot keep you, you will fail.”

  1. Carlos Whittaker

  • “Jesus didn’t die on a cross so you could cope but so you could have freedom.”

  1. Bill Hybels

  • “When your grow in Christ-likeness, you heart begins to expand and you care for who Christ cares for.”

  1. Bill Hybels

  • "Having people in my life who are far from God has driven my vision for the church.”

  1. Bill Hybels

  • “I’ve never gotten a prompting from God when the ambient noise from life is high.”

Catalyst 2017 was an incredible experience. I typically attend 2-3 conferences a year, and this is consistently my favorite. Are you looking to refresh and renew your team? Come with me next year! You can learn more about Catalyst Conference here at

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