Rising or Falling

Hot air balloons fascinate me. Just the sight of them in the sunset, with their colorful fabric “envelopes” (fabric gas bags) causes me to stop and stare every time like a little child seeing them for the first time. I’ve tried talking myself into taking a ride in one, but my fear of heights allows me to use the excuse that I don’t know anyone with one of these incredible aircrafts. The idea of standing in a basket hanging from a piece of fabric several thousand feet in the air does not sound like fun at all. For those of you who do this: ya’ll be crazy!

The physics behind a hot air balloon are fairly simple, which boils down to the use of hot air to create buoyancy, which generates lift. To lower the balloon, the operator can either stop firing the burner, which causes the hot air inside the balloon to cool, decreasing the buoyant force, or they can open a small vent at the top of the balloon. To raise the balloon, the operator turns on the burner, which heats the air inside the balloon and causes it to rise.

The most frightening part about these sky drifters is that they cannot stay at a constant altitude. Airplanes? Cruise at a constant 30,000 feet. Helicopters? Those bad boys can hover. Balloons? Nope. The operator can almost remain steady by intermittingly firing and turning off the burner. But, maintaining a net zero buoyant force inside the balloon is practically impossible.

So, hot air balloons are always rising or falling.

Where are you rising and falling in your life?

We may think things in our life are “going steady” and we often give the response of “Good! How is yours?” when asked about our day. But truly, everything in our life is improving or declining. Our faith is the same; it is impossible to be complacent in. No matter where you are in your belief and relationship in Jesus, how long you’ve attended church or read the Bible; it is impossible to remain constant. You are always going to be rising or falling, growing or shrinking in your relationship with Jesus. Think about this with a relationship with another person: forgetting to call them back, blowing off plans to hang out, or simply not communicating with them will wither your friendship with them away. All the same, being a worthy friend with loving actions will grow your friendship.

When we coast we become more vulnerable to temptation and sin. We begin to experience friction in our relationship with others. And we settle for far less than God’s ideal for our lives.

So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall! 1 Corinthians 10:12

We cannot be stagnant in our faith with Jesus. What actions are you taking to generate lift in your relationship with God?

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