about kevin ache.

Kevin Ache is a brand consultant focused on story telling. He works with nonprofits and small businesses to develop their story to share with the world through digital-first marketing and communications.

If you're looking to freshen up your current brand, launch a new brand, or improve your communication strategy, he'd love to help you tell your story and engage new audiences.

His heart is for the local church, creativity, and pursuance of excellence. Kevin loves to network and create bridges for building intergenerational relationships. With an interdisciplinary approach to leadership, management, and culture, he currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. Kevin also serves at SouthPark Church as the creative director, overseeing several ministries and staff in areas of communications and worship.

His church is currently in the midst of a one-of-a-kind project called, the 'Love SouthPark Initiative', a $158 million dollar redevelopment of the church's property into a mix-used development. He'd love to chat with you about his approach to overseeing marketing and communication on this project and what he's learned in taking on a project that relies so much on the community in the development.

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