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Since 2001, the PCF has made significant contributions to the charities and nonprofits in their direct community in Cornelius, NC. While they had success empowering organizations with large yearly donations, they saw an opportunity to further their impact. This would require them to engage their Cornelius neighbors in a new way. While their website had not been updated since the early 2000's, their bigger issue was clarifying their identity and their mission.

For the fresh brand identity, the message was built on a new mission: "Uniting a generous community."  The website showcases their Foundation's commitment to local nonprofits, highlighting the incredible work they do and the essential role they play in the community. 


Branding, website, art direction, marketing, photography



The website and new communication strategy emphasized  storytelling and powerful visuals. This approach showcased tangible, quantifiable results achieved by the nonprofits they supported, and this alone was a major factor to the PCF's rapid growth after their rebrand.

The new messaging, visuals, and resources have driven increased engagement, helping the Peninsula Club be stronger together as they support the vital work of the nonprofits in the Lake Norman area.

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