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In the 1990's, World of God began to partner Charlotte churches with villages in Haiti. Eventually, education became a main mission for the nonprofit and the organization grew. By 2019, the organization struggled to expand beyond the house of worship market, and they approached me for help with their brand. After a period of research and meeting with their Board of Directors, it was discovered that a name change was truly needed, but they also needed to shift their focus to the next generation in Haiti.

For the fresh brand identity, the message was built on a new name, Ewo, which is Haitian Creole for the English word 'hero'. Rebranding from 'World of God' to 'Ewo' brings an incredible opportunity for a teaching moment. The name arose from the positioning of the nonprofit to switch their focus from donors in America to the heroes of Haiti; the next generation of leaders that they aimed to empower.


Branding, art direction



Part of the rebrand included a print piece that was mailed out to all donors, volunteers, and partners. We used the printed booklet to reveal the new name and identity of the nonprofit, and the response was ecstatic excitement! Not only were the American sponsors rejuvenated to give, but the mission gave new energy to the children in Haiti. 


While the rebrand brought on fresh new colors, type treatment, and logo, the name is what brought so much excitement to American donors and the people of Haiti.  "I love being thought of as a hero, and not just a poor Haitian kid," said one student after seeing a flag with the new logo flying at their school. 

This was a special one for me to compete, as my wife and I each sponsor a student in Haiti through the program. We love writing and receiving letters from them! 

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