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As the first DTC brand for oven range hoods, Hoodsly was on a mission to help make kitchen beautiful. With several new products and a unique approach to the market, they desired to reach their audience in 

In a small industry led by a few giants, the goal in our work together was to create brand awareness that would garner the attention of early adopters and then to the masses. 


Art direction, social media 



I led Hoodsly through a new art direction and social media strategy that included new strategy for visual identity, social, and influencer strategy. The company's social presence grew by 438% in 5 months after launching new social strategy and led to over 1 million in new sales. Other highlights included behind the scenes facility tours and a special shoot for a featured customer story.

A major shift in their social strategy was making their content more "human". Customers were experiencing difficulty in the shipping and installation processes, so content focused not only on the beautiful end results, but promoted a quality customer journey.

As the brand grew, audience engagement thrived on UGC as the content library grew. Several influencers were brought in for expansive reach and process feedback.

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