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Launched in 2023, this immersive audio branch began with a bold mission: change the way venues approach immersive audio by making them acoustically flexible. With several innovative products and a unique approach to the market, they desired to grow their partner network and user base. 

With the brand launching from an acquisition of another brand I managed, the goal in our work together was to create brand awareness that would garner the attention of early adopters and then to the masses. 


Branding, website, art direction, marketing, photography, video



I led Fulcrum Immersive through the branding and marketing strategy in their acquisition of Venueflex. The website included new menu design, home page layout, and product features. I also defined a new customer journey and core tagline.

One of the key components was a short film created for their booth at InfoComm 2023. The film was shot on site in NYC in a historical recording studio, and custom music was written and played through their immersive technology at the show.

Strategy for the homepage included motion graphics to simply explain product benefits and features. The hardware and software were showcased, as well as social proof. 

Through our work, Fulcrum Immersive continues to create a tribe of loyal audio engineers, architects, and venue directors.

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